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My name is Akuc, I was born and bred in London and I’m originally from South Sudan in East Africa.


I was 11 years old when I caught the acting bug. 


It was year 6 and we were doing ‘Pericles’ by Shakespeare for the end of year show. It was my first time acting ever - okay, I played an ox in the Christmas nativity before that - but this was my first proper time on stage playing a proper character. And boy did I have fun!


I remember the costumes and the music and the band and yelling these strange, hard-to-pronounce words at my friends as we played about in the school canteen (the school was tiny so when I say “stage” I mean canteen…).


Playing Marina in ‘Pericles’ was one of my favourite times as a kid and I’m happy to say acting hasn’t left my side since.


I’ve done more youth theatre and school plays than I can count on both my hands. Fast-forward to 18 years old, I decided to take a gap year to get experience in screen acting. That same year, thanks to the screen classes I had been taking for some time, I booked my first professional role as a series regular on 'The Dumping Ground’ and I stayed for 4 series. Since it was my first gig, I made mistakes but equally, I had lots of wins: I learned how to act on screen, how to be a professional on set and how to manage my time between gigs and auditions.  


In the following years, I went to study acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and trained at the Consérvatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique in France as part of my Erasmus exchange too.


During and post drama school, I landed roles for projects on BBC, Netflix, independent film companies and commercials as well as roles in theatre. Having met and worked with tons of people in the industry, I know that by showing up as your authentic self, you can make real connections and have a blast each and every day.

In terms of coaching, when I was in early teens I read a book on motivation that lit a fuse in a very big way. I've always set goals for myself and worked to push myself in different ways. I say it loud and proud: I am OBSESSED with all things personal development and motivation. So it made complete sense when the opportunity came up in 2018 to study life coaching.


It's such a wonderful feeling to inspire and uplift others to achieve something awesome for themselves. And that sense of achievement is something no one can ever take away from you. 

Work/life balance is also important to me and I love to bring magic into all areas of my life. So, outside of acting I love learning languages, (I speak French and intermediate Yoruba, Sudanese Arabic and Turkish), reading and learning about personal development and self-motivation, solo-travelling, fitness and kickboxing and eating new foods.

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